The Wonamutta Clan (artist's family) was created by Yindingie (the messenger god). The Wonamuttas traditional clan land is on the western side of K'gari (Fraser Island). They are the Clever Man's clan and were created by Yindingie. This painting shows some of the flora from K'gari as well as the spirits present on the island.


This painting is part of the Creation Stories Collection which depicts traditional Butchulla stories. The original was painted on stretched canvas onto which an ochre acrylic background was applied. Then brushes made from natural fibres were used for the detailing to bring "The Wonamutta Clan" into being.


Limited edition of 37 with only 32 available for public acquisition.


Reproductions are 44cm x 55cm on 320gsm Sihl MC Cotton Rag. All reproductions come with a 100 year warranty.

Creation of the Wonamutta Clan


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