Guggerie and Gindan were two sisters who lived during the First Time. Each sister had a baby. Gindan was jealous of Guggerie because her baby was beautiful, while Gindan's baby was plain looking. This caused a rift between the two sisters.


The original painting was done onto stretched canvas and an acrylic ochre background was applied. The detailing was achieved using brushes made from natural fibres to bring Guggerie and Gindan into being.

Limited edition of 37 with only 32 available for public acquisition.


Reproductions are 55cm x 44cm on 320gsm Sihl MC Cotton Rag. All reproductions come with a 100 year warranty.

Gindan and Guggerie

  • The Creation Series is a closed series with a limit of 37 prints. Each piece of artwork in the series depicts a legend of the Butchulla people's creation stories.